Medical check valve

Medical check valve
  • Medical check valve
  • Medical check valve

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  • Product No.: 201312765210


Applicable: foley catheter, endotracheal tube and anesthesia mask etc.

Size:ø7.3mm(.287 inch)OD

Material: PVC/silicone/ABS / 316 stainless steel

Product description: standard 6:100 ruler taper, according with GBT1962.1-2001,and FDA

Biocompatibility.The material is reach medical-grade imported from UK, orthophthalic and

bisphenol A free, can be sterilized EO or gamma ray. Excellent sealing performance.

The leakage rate is less than 2 ml / 2 m water injection pressure in 24 hours.

Tested by machine, UV automatic bonding assembling to ensure the quality of products.

The quality of our check valves are the best in China. And they are almost the same as the quality

of medical check valves from Bespak(uk).

The seal effect can reach 99.5%.


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