Anesthesia mask machine

Anesthesia mask machine

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The development and manufacturing of Anesthesia mask product line ,the production line

is adopted the international advanced and latest production technology, with high safety .

The products are soft and comfortable, and the air-tightness is very good. The quality reach

the international advanced level. Moreover, the production costs are low.


Equipment configuration: Glue-pouring system: Including: mixing, vacuumzing, glue-pouring,

mould .Auto reverse system and materials recovery system.


Forming tunnel furnace: Total length is 8 meters, made of stainless steel ,the main parts are

imported from Japan&Germany.


Cooling tunnel: Total length is 3 meters, made of stainless steel, the main parts are imported from Japan&Germany.

Mask forming mould: Size:0#-5#, total:6 sizes. Each size0#,1#,4#,5#50pcs;each size2# and size3#50pcs.Total100pcs.


Connecting system: Mask capsule connect with mask cup: Including: one set tunnel scraping belt type

UV photocuring machine and mucilage glue assembly fixture.


Production capacity: 100000-150000pcs/month.


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